Sure Fire Way to Get A Client Back~~ Pick Up The PHONE! ~ (Article)

1 Sure Fire Way to Get A Client Back~~ Pick up the phone!

We all hate to lose a client right?? One of the things I know for sure after years and years of doing business is that it is much easier and MUCH cheaper to reactivate a customer than it is to gain a new one.  I will assume you know how much it costs you in terms of money, marketing, time and other resources to gain a new customer.  Well as a strategist I am here to tell you that is will be less than HALF of that to reactivate a customer that has left!

I will also say that client reactivation is actually much easier and faster than most leaders think.  Let’s talk about just one way that based on all of my years of experience is one of the easiest ways to reengage past or lost customers.  PICK UP THE PHONE!  This is will be one of the hardest from a mental perspective but will yield the best results both in actual reactivation but also in knowledge!  For our clients we feel that knowledge is power!  Here are a few thoughts about calling an old customer or client and what you might say when they answer.

Apologize for your company’s behavior~~ Most people will leave and not tell you why unless you have some kind of exit interview (Awesome idea but most companies don’t really want to know the answers) so just asking why they left and letting the customer vent and be listened to will go a very long way in rebuilding lost trust or at the very least give you some insight you might not have been aware of! Remember~~ Knowledge is power!

Give an incentive to come back~~  Remember it is way less expensive to get someone to come back so do not be afraid to give them an incentive to come back.  Maybe a free month of service, some cash back, waiving of service fees or even an upgrade to a premium package!

Let them know of any new products or service they would find valuable~~  This is not really a sales call but if they left because you didn’t offer a particular service and now you do, let them know.  People want to feel special and if you are now offering something they wanted in the first place, let them know.

Ask what they are working on or what they are promoting~~ This is my favorite one because I know how people work and it is easier than ever before to promote someone else.  Once you find out what someone is promoting, head over to your social media profiles like facebook or twitter or even better you blog and promote them without any expectations!  You will be amazed at how many people will come back if you start promoting their business or kids!  Put yourself in that place, how would you feel if your local dentist you left started promoting you and your business on their blog or facebook page??

I tired this technique by calling 10 customers that had left me over a year ago because I wanted to know they were REALLY gone.  The results almost scared me to death!  After talking to all 10, within one week I had eight of them back as customers!!  8!  My guess is there will be one more but I will take 8 reactivated clients over 8 new ones every day of the week!!  Last piece of advice~~  GET CALLING!!  I would love to hear about your results!!

If there is anything I can do to support you in this endeavor just head over to and pick a time that works best for you!!

Give someone an AWESOME day!!

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