Struggling with Health and Fitness

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On today’s episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives Caren and Nancy talk with Rachel Harshfield about Health and Fitness.

Rachel HarshfieldAs a leading provider of Dietary and Fitness needs, Rachel takes pride in offering the best in personal training, meal planning and Dietetics. She is dedicated to serving the needs of her clients each and every day. She holds a Degree in Health and Human Science from Oregon State University with a minor in Nutrition.

Rachel was a physical education teacher for over 4 years. During that time she realized there was a growing need for kids to get MOVING. The amount of non active kids today is contributing to the obesity problem our nation is facing. Kids today are the future of tomorrow and if not taught about proper nutrition and exercise they too could fall into that growing percentage.

She hopes to continue in educating today’s youth and their parents about health and fitness. Giving them the tools they need to make good healthy choices. If she can teach what she knows, then they too will have the knowledge to make good healthy choices for their future.

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