Mar Preston asks: Would You Like to Be on My Street Team?

Would You Like to Be on My Street Team?

I’ve been hurtling along behind my desk and in my head at supersonic speed and the two projects I’ve been working on have come to an end.
I’ve picked through both manuscripts like an OCD sufferer way into compulsive lunatic territory. There I nothing more to do. They are as polished as I am able to make them.(MP)

One is a continuation of the eBook series I’ve been working, the fifth, Editing Your First Mystery. The other is called The Most Dangerous Species, the second in my series about a Kern County Sheriff’s Detective investigating a murder in the far from tranquil village where I live.

We all know thousands of books are published each week. The reading public lifts its eyebrows and says, “So what?”

Street teamWhat faces me now is the work of alerting readers that there’s a couple of books they might spend an enjoyable few hours reading. Parts of promoting a book I enjoy. One of the things I love is going to conferences in far off cities and conversation with fellow writers. I also love being invited to talk about my books in gatherings of book lovers. In addition, I somewhat enjoy writing blogs like these to engage with readers who might like my books.

Like every other writer I know well, I suffer from fits of self-doubt and never more so than when I’m out there promoting a new book.
I’m going to be brave and ask you to help me. Do you belong to a book group in Southern California that would like to host me talking about a gritty whodunit set in a cat rescue place in a mountain village?

Would you be willing to share a Facebook post? Retweet a post? Let me know. Writers talk about having a Street Team — people who like you and are willing to share their enthusiasm about your books.

Would you like to be on my Street Team?

Let me know. Write to me at

What is difficult for me is what feels like bragging about my new books–blatant self-promotion. I was raised in the Good Girl Era when drawing attention to yourself was considered unbecoming and unladylike. Few of us aspire to being a lady these days, I know.

The line between confidence and arrogance is dim from a potential buyer’s perspective who’s looking your book over as one among many. I’m not alone feeling this way. Women authors, many of them nice girls, suffer a dread at getting out there and waving their book on a busy street corner at passing traffic. Well, it feels that way to me.

It’s much easier to write a rave review for another author, to click like. Reading posts from authors who give themselves rave reviews bothers me. You ever notice they’re the ones who write meh books. I’d really like to know where this sense of self-aggrandizement comes from. Is there a website where I can go and buy some? Do they ever read other writers and compare themselves?

It’s all subjective, isn’t it?

If a notion about writing a mystery has ever taken hold of you, Writing Your First Mystery is available free on my website at It’s the first in my eBook series on writing a good whodunit.

Look out for The Most Dangerous Species, coming later this fall.

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Mar Preston is the author of No Dice, Rip-Off, On Behalf of the Family, and A Very Private High School, all featuring Detective Dave Mason of the Santa Monica Police Department and his girlfriend Ginger McNair, a community activist. Payback, the debut of a second series, features a Kern County Sheriff’s Detective and takes place in a village somewhat like the one where she lives in Central California. She is a co-founder of the local SPCA, an expert Spider Solitaire player, and picks up road kill for her wildlife rehab buddies to feed the big raptors. Expect a second title in this series in 2016. She could tell you she is 27, a tall, leggy brunette with a Ph.D. in physics, speaks four languages, and writes every day. This is not true.

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