Stop Chasing Money and Create “Beautiful Money”!

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Stop Chasing Money and Create “Beautiful Money”!

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! On this Valentines Day, I introduce you to my featured guest, Leanne Jacobs, author of her new book “Beautiful Money: The 4-week Total Wealth Makeover”.  She is also a holistic wealth expert and leadership mentor. Leanne has worked in sales and marketing for several Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, Nike, DuPont, and L’Oreal. She has an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada. She also leads seminars on personal finance, entrepreneurship, leadership, spirituality, and holistic health. An 8-time marathoner, amateur surfer, and Reiki Healer, Jacobs is working with her husband to create a health and wellness charity dedicated to the care of children, which is The World Healing Academy.

MoneyLeanne shares Beautiful Money which is more of a philosophy and global movement than a simple program.

Beautiful Money teaches people how to stop chasing money.  It also teaches how to start laying a more authentic and compassionate money foundation for you and your family. Her book is the first Holistic Wealth Book and Program.

The overall structure of the Beautiful Money Program consists of a 4-week model. It aims to support greater emotional, physical and spiritual freedom.

* The first week is titled “Make Gorgeous Space”. It teaches you how to create greater space and clarity in life. This is where your cup is spilling over with overload, chaos and clutter. It’s a time to let go of physical and emotional clutter which only leads to emotional and financial distress.

* The second week is titled “Your Beautiful Mind”. It guides you to build strong mental money muscles. You’ll learn more about the role you play in your current financial reality. In addition, you learn how chronic scarcity thinking can be addictive.

* The third week is titled “Become an Action Heroine”. It focuses on the importance of intentional action and how to balance action with flow. You will also learn the value of mastering visionary planning, money making, and creating habits that aligned with joyful and holistic wealth.

* The fourth week “Design Your Destination” teaches you how to avoid debt traps and how to become both mindful and masterful at wealth planning.


“Leanne’s authenticity shines through everything she does, and she is a powerful example for women leaders throughout the world” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Finally, to learn more about Leanne Jacobs and order Beautiful Money, please visit You can also learn more about her collaboration within the charity dedicated to the care of children at

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