Lead Generation For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Lead Generation For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to Christie Michelsen.  She is an energy worker, marketing expert, copywriter and artist.  Also, she helps energy healers and intuitive coaches land more of the ideal clients they love to work with.  In addition, she supports their purpose with a higher level of prosperity and helps them as Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Christie combines results-based marketing strategies with shamanic techniques to develop effective marketing systems that are truly aligned with her clients’ higher purpose. In addition, she works with her clients to identify and overcome the inner blocks and limiting beliefs that hold many healers back from helping others to their highest potential.

Spiritual EntrepreneursAs a result of Christie’s realization that all her skills as an artist, writer, copywriter, marketing expert and Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Certified Energy Scan Practitioner she has experienced an awakening of her life purpose.  She is here to be of service to spiritual entrepreneurs to help them find success within their personal and professional lives.

Christie emphasizes that clarity is key to define:

1. Who you are
2. Determine your strengths
3. Attain clarity about your desires
4. Know who you are serving, and
5. Define your offerings

Her skillful method of marketing is the manifestation of your transformation into your wealth. In addition, it helps to anchor the balance of the feminine and the masculine, as we refer to as the left brain and right brain balance.

Christie shared her strong intuitive skills that became known to her at an early age through animals. She also provides Spirit Animal Readings which assist in attaining our life purpose and guidance on our journey.

Her message is simple, yet poignant ~

“I feel very blessed to be living my purpose: using my creative and intuitive talents to support those who are working to create a more conscious, awakened humanity.”

Finally, if you are a practicing healer or coach who would like to land more of the clients you really LOVE to work with, with ease and on demand, please connect with Christie at www.LeadGenForHealers.com

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