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Soul2Soul Connections – “Heart2Soul”



In this episode, I’m inspired to expand upon what I refer to as my “Heart2Soul” connection.

What I know for sure is when I take time out from my busy schedule, especially when I go to Sedona, AZ for a few days, I am even more in alignment within my heart and soul. I can see the stress reduction as my complexion is more radiant, my eyes are an even brighter shade of blue and feel calm at the cellular level, yet experiencing a higher vibrational energy.

I’m quite confident you know this feeling when you are on vacation and feel more refreshed and rejuvenated.

What I have also learned are the benefits of allowing time for reflection and meditation which creates an open vessel within you to explore new pathways to connecting with oneself and others. You’ll be more receptive to those magical soul connections that are always waiting for you. The benefits of meditation are felt with a heightened sense of awareness which is vital for expansion of your higher consciousness. Simply said, your radar is up and you are much more in a state of receptivity of people who come your way, often referred to as soulmates.

It would be fabulous to be on vacation 24/7, however, the reality is that we resume our personal and professional lives. No need for despair as the good news is that you can go to your magical place any time you choose and all you need is one minute!

The one minute process is very simple as you set your intention as to your desires, whether personal or professional, traveling to a destination, meeting your soulmate, etc. Once you have set that intention, you will set a timer for 60 seconds and close your eyes.   You will be amazed as to how much time you have to achieve your desires and may even find time to explore more adventures.

In conclusion, we can experience that level of radiance, higher vibrational energy and euphoria at any time and create a more expansive way of living your life!

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Nancy Ferrari is dedicated and passionate about her professional duality within her career in media and as an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer. Nancy celebrates 7 years of hosting The Nancy Ferrari Show, and is the co-host of Connecting People, Changing Lives, a web tv talk show, both within Spark It Network. The Nancy Ferrari Show is a spirited show sharing what’s real, relatable and relevant in the world and features expert guests who make a positive difference. Nancy is also an inspirational speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, sharing her messages of positivity and living an empowered and enlightened life.