Social Media, Technology and Book Marketing for Authors

Creating a social media marketing campaign is a necessity for any author wanting to be successful. Everyone is using social media nowadays and to not be involved socially only sets your book up for failure.

Social Media, Technology and Book Marketing for AuthorsMany social media marketing campaigns involve the use of all sorts of social media outlets such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumlbr, Pinterest, just to name a few. In combination with using social media to market your book, there is the use of technology.

The use of technology to market your book can be a beneficial thing because it will allow you to do things like online book readings and conferences. Using technology allows you to go beyond just social media, and it is also financially beneficial because the cost of doing bookstore readings and other face-to-face events can be quite costly.

It is important to personally reach out to all followers and prospective followers, making sure to promote both the book and yourself. The follower does not want to be bombarded with just promotions of the book. You look like a salesman when you do that and no one wants to be bothered with a salesman. Apart from these tactics, it is also important to create an active audience. For example, you can do a digital Q&A using Google Hangouts, read your book live and online inviting people using Skype, create YouTube videos, create a contest or two using Rafflecopter, just to name a few. All of these things, will then allow the audience to interact with you and your social media, which can then turn to sales.

The key to successful book marketing is utilizing as many tools as possible. When you combine the use of technology and social media, you are in control. You create the event; you don’t incur much expense, nor do you need an invitation. You can even reach an international audience without getting on an airplane. With a bit of work in combination with social media, these events can be easy to create and sell, and with the use of technology that just about everyone has in their home.

Ultimately, make sure to be as active as possible and not limit your abilities to reach all social media outlets. Make sure to have a theme, create a plan, and then implement it.

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