An interview with Science Fiction Writer R Leib

An interview with Science Fiction Writer R Leib

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce my next author interview, Science Fiction writer R. Leib.

What kind of genres do you enjoy writing?

I am a Science Fiction writer, but I have written some fantasy and horror short stories. I like to imagine new worlds and societies for my characters to live in. Writers of fiction have to set the rules, laws, and restraints of the universes they create and stick by them. It is a disservice to the readers to introduce an incongruous element to solve a plot issue. The writer lays down the rules and the story’s characters have to live with them. This is a challenge that excites me.

What got you into writing?

I started creating Science Fiction, when I was in high school. Life after college sidetracked my writing aspirations, and I was not able to get back to it until I retired from the computer industry.

Your experiences (good and bad) with publishing and becoming an author:

The good experiences come from the feeling of accomplishment in completing a story and my camaraderie with most of my fellow Indie authors. There have been a few people who have behaved badly, but most of my experiences with other writers on Goodreads have been profoundly positive and encouraging. There are some really good writers out there. It is unfortunate that there are so many people producing written works that it is very difficult for any of them to get a foot in the door of traditional publishing. If you are not good at promotion (and I am not), it is very unlikely that you will be financially successful as an author.

The worst experience associated with being an author came from vanity press businesses that prey on aspiring authors. Some vanity press are upfront about who and what they are. I am okay with them. Others try to conceal their true nature behind fine print and hidden charges.

Role models that made you want to write:

Science Fiction WriterRay Bradbury heads the list. There are a lot of Science Fiction writers who filled my days with dreams of a captivating future. These include Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein (Pre-“Farnham’s Freehold”), Keith Laumer, and Alfred Bester. I am quite fond of the occasional review where these writers influence on me is noted.

Your words of wisdom to up and coming writers:

Always write for yourself. More than likely, you will never see your works in print. If you do not write because you love it, you are wasting your time.

Think of your reader, whatever you write. You are taking them on a magical mystery tour of your mind and imagination. If you want them to see it through and want to come back, make it a memorable, exciting, and enjoyable trip.

If you seek publication, remember the author’s adage, “money always flows toward the author”. If someone tries to get you to pay to have your work published, they are working for you not the other way around. There is nothing wrong with vanity press, but it is not the same as being published.

Your favorite authors and why:

My favorite author is Ray Bradbury. I think it was the poetic elements of his writing. There was something that sang to me from the pages of “The Martian Chronicles” and “Fahrenheit 451”. Keith Laumer led me through adventure after adventure with a madhouse pace that left me breathless. Every turn through an Alfred Bester novel provoked the mind and made me think in new ways. And Isaac Asimov simply wrote the rules. The future dared not deny him.

Thanks R, for taking the time to interview with me and give me and my followers your insight and knowledge of what it means to write.

About R Leib:

I have been a fan of Science Fiction since I was a pre-teen. I started with the youth fiction of Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. Once I graduated to reading Bradbury, being a Science Fiction writer became part of who I was. Over the years,
Arthur C. Clarke, Ursula K. Le Guin, Alfred Bester, Harlan Ellison, and a myriad other writers sparked my imagination.

I worked for 30 years in the computer industry as a programmer and in quality assurance. Most of that time was spent in the Paleolithic ages of data processing. This was when computers were million-dollar behemoths with slow processing speeds and a terabyte of data required the floor of an office building to store it. I saw the advent of display terminals, performance monitoring, and computer generated imaging. It was only when I retired from working in the computer industry that I returned to being a science fiction writer.

Stay tuned for more!!!

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