Your Guide to Prosperity and Happiness on the Road to Success!

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Your Guide to Prosperity and Happiness on the Road to Success!

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to Joel Fotinos, vice-president and publisher at Tarcher/Penguin.  He was named Publisher of the Tarcher/Penguin imprint in 1996, Director of Religious Publishing for Penguin Putnam in 1998, and founded the Putnam Praise Publishing Program in 2006. He was previously marketing manager at Harper San Francisco, and before that was the religion and philosophy buyer for Denver’s famed Tattered Cover bookstore, and founder of its popular spirituality series. Mr. Fotinos also has been buyer and manager at other independent and chain bookstores. He has written several books, and co-founded Sacred Center New York and is here today to talk about a newly released book “Road to Success: Putting the Principles of Think and Grow Rich into Action in your Life” which is truly your guide to prosperity and happiness on the road to success!

Road to successAs Napoleon Hill’s original book “Think and Grow Rich” has held the test of time, “Road to Success” is a never-before-published masterpiece of a series of 15 articles titled “Billboards on the Road to Success”. The articles in the book are exactly as Napoleon Hill typed them on his own old manual typewriter and are as relevant today as when Napoleon Hill penned them more than 90 years ago.

Joel shared some fascinating elements within the book beginning with the first chapter “Desire As a Definite Aim in Life”. If we aren’t clear in our goals in life, it is a challenge to move forward to attain your goals. Simply said:


Self-confidence is also a key component to success and Napoleon Hill shares: “Believe in your own ability to do big things. Only by having faith in yourself can you compel others to have faith in you”

An important point of conversation focused on values that have held the test of time, such as going the extra mile, giving more than expected and why we should do so.

To learn more about Joel Fotinos, please visit his website where you can order “Road to Success” as well as many other Napoleon Hill books.

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