Raising Capital – Tony Dohrmann

Completing Your Financing Round And Successfully Raising Capital

Lasershield founder, Tony Dohrmann shares financing and business-building lessons from creating 6 companies, raising $50+ million from 390 investors, defending against a hostile take-over, and the realities of getting a complex product manufactured and onto the shelves at Home Depot, Costco, and on QVC.

Anthony Dohrmann is the founder of LifeSupport Medical, The Electronic Caregiver Company, and LaserShield Systems, Inc. His companies provide innovative electronic health management, medical emergency response, intrusion and environmental sensing.

Dohrmann’s products have been featured on Good Morning America, The View, Montel Williams, Flip That House, Fox News, CNN, ABC news, CBS news, NBC news, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Art Bell, Steve Harvey, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Wired Magazine, PC Magazine, and numerous others.

Highlights –

  • No VC => Private money, PPM?
  • Equity Trust – enable investment thru retirement plans
  • Offer warrants @ price schedule that increases at intervals
  • How to structure the return
  • Valuation – changes for up / down rounds
  • Completing the financing round
  • How much it really costs to produce a product


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