Personal Stylists’ Secrets to Confidence with Lisa Fischer

Personal Stylists’ Secrets to Confidence with Lisa Fischer

In today’s episode of The Nancy Ferrari Show, I introduce you to my guest Lisa Fischer, who is a Certified DRES Wardrobe Stylist and Image Expert specializing in visual mastery solutions for professional men and women. Her approach to professional image enhancement is considering the whole person…. lifestyle, brand and authentic messaging for how clients desire to show up in life from a headshot to a TEDtalk. Lisa’s approach is private one on one consulting as well as group workshops. Services range from a one time curated plan to monthly appointments either virtual, in-person or a combination of both. The result is pure confidence. Never again stand in front of your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear.”

Secrets to Confidence

Lisa Fischer

Lisa is also a co-author of “Beyond DRES: Personal Stylists’ Secrets to Confidence” where she shares her insights and expertise about Image Alignment, the framework for a confident appearance and so much more.

Lisa emphasizes that determining your style includes the totality of you, and shares the steps for developing your image and confidence journey:

1. Discover your identifiable personal brand
2. Know your wardrobe style
3. Create a style statement
4. Choose a wardrobe to flatter your unique shape
5. Discover the colors that enhance your eyes, hair and
skin tone
6. Add accessories to build your signature look

“Today I walk into any venue in any arena of my life and feel confident, authentic and appropriate” ~ Lisa Fischer

To connect with Lisa, and learn more about her services, please visit her website

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