The Passion Point with Caren Glasser and Nancy Ferrari

Hello everyone, this is Caren Glasser and Welcome to The Passion Point
This is the show that invites some of the top Passionistas in the world to share their passion and how they are making a living doing what they love.
Today Caren interviews guest Nancy Ferrari

Nancy Ferrari
Nancy Ferrari is the host of her radio show, The Nancy Ferrari Show, on W4CY Radio which she has been hosting for 4 years and focuses on sharing what’s right in the world and features expert guests who make a difference. Nancy is a passionate speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, sharing her messages of inspiration and living an empowered life. One of the ways she supports people are through vision boards.  A visual of what your mind is thinking today and for the future.  Nancy is also a co-author of several books including the soon to be released “Loving with No Boundaries”. Nancy is also passionate about being a member of the Board for The Little Light Project and shares her expertise with sensitive/intuitive children.

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