The Passion Point with Caren Glasser and Michael Krisa

Hello everyone, this is Caren Glasser and Welcome to The Passion Point

This is the show that invites some of the top Passionistas in the world to share their passion and how they are making a living doing what they love.

Michael KrisaToday Caren welcomes guest Michael Krisa.

Known as That Interview Guy, Michael has a unique style that demystifies video marketing and helps entrepreneurs and small business alike implement this powerful new strategy into their marketing mix.

Michael is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make you money!

They say that the proof is in the pudding … well in July 2014 Easy Web Video; which Michael is the co-founder of, was the number #1 selling product for the day, #1 for the week and ranked #3 for two months on

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