The Passion Point – Caren Glasser and Camille Leon

On today’s episode of The Passion Point Caren Glasser welcomes Camille Leon

From an office at the corner of Fifth and Figueroa to Founder of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a national organization bridging mainstream consumers to more holistic and eco-friendly products and services, Camille Leon turned her passion into a commitment.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce was created to be a bridge to new solutions for everyone who would like to learn more about complementary, integrative, holistic and eco-friendly options and solutions, as well as a resource for Holistic and Eco-friendly professionals and practitioners.  For years Camille worked, and worked hard, in the administration of both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.  Her drive and determination earned her the nickname “Hurricane Camille.”  She was successful at what she did and kept herself constantly working.  When she wasn’t at work, she was out doing public speaking.  But there was always something missing.

It slowly dawned on her that she was not  living a healthy lifestyle, and needed a change. So she took a look at her life and realized that she was caught in a cycle of stress which led to poor habits which led to poor health which led to more stress.   She took a holistic approach to her life. Rather than focusing solely on short-term goals, she considered long-term results.  She found that shifting my habits led to better health and less stress. Then, she found other people like her who had adopted a holistic lifestyle and who wanted to share what they had found with others.  That is how her vision turned into The Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

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Caren Glasser