The Passion Point with Caren Glasser and Andre Paradis

Hello everyone, this is Caren Glasser and Welcome to The Passion Point

This is the show that invites some of the top Passionistas in the world to share their passion and how they are making a living doing what they love. On today’s episode Caren talks with Andre Paradis.

Andre ParadisAndre’s mission in life is to teach & empower people! He is a certified life coach, entrepreneur and artist who is now focusing his professional energy on teaching singles and couples how to create and maintain successful relationships. He is committed to walking his talk and keeping his word.  Andre has been teaching people in a variety of disciplines for nearly 25 years. He began his teaching career in 1986 teaching English as a second language in Japan. The following year he began sharing his passion for dance and continues to teach dance regularly.  In fact, Andre danced professionally 1984 – 2000. He performed with world-renowned vocal artists including Michael Jackson and Prince.  In 1996 Andre opened AP Auto Body. Which has allowed him to follow his life-long passion for cars. Now in what he calls “phase three” of his life, Andre has launched Project Equinox. We will talk about that and so much more as I welcome Andre to the show….


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