Optimal Nutrition for Sustained Energy

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On this episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives, Nancy and Caren talk with Christine Hardy about Optimal Nutrition for Sustained Energy

ChristineChristine Hardy is a sought after keynote speaker, a published author, and holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. Last year she released her first book, Unlock Your Victory Code, The Key to Hope, Perseverance and Triumph. Her second book, The Inspired Life is will be released, September of 2015.

For the past 15 years, Christine has maintained a thriving Metabolic Typing and hormone balancing practice in the east bay. She specializes in helping speakers with stamina and rapid recovery. Her success as an award winning competitive gymnast for over 15 years – can you say high performance!? Clinical nutrition expertise and mastery of the “inner game” formula with her books, Christine successfully helps you to rock the stage and unleash your full potential.

**Metabolic Typing is a century old method that discovers what foods and nutrients are right for an individual, genetically, within every food group. This is the answer to how to boost your individual metabolism for life!

Some of the topics we discuss:
YES! Hormonal Happiness Is Possible!

1 Thing You Can Do Today to Recover Quicker Day In & Day Out-
1 Simple Dietary Shift Will Change Everything from Weight to Energy-

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