YOU are My Inspiration! My Health and Wellness

YOU are My Inspiration! My Health and Wellness

Several years ago, while on the job, I jumped out of my vehicle to help a woman in distress. She had collapsed and as I ran toward her, something was very wrong. From the corner of my eye I saw a tractor pulling a tank that was spraying bright yellow stuff into the air. Within moments, I was unable to breathe and my lungs and nostrils burned. My health and wellness was at risk. I had been chemically poisoned.

A lot happened in between, but after a battery of medical tests and treatment I was given a grim prognosis. Doctors told me nothing could be done for me and I had no more than five years to live.

My Health

I was speechless.

I pondered my situation in disbelief and as I began to prepare for the inevitable, one wellness oriented doctor said he wouldn’t allow me to take the words “no hope” for an answer. He prescribed a series of supplements and said he was sure they would make a difference. It was all I had to hang onto. I had nothing to lose and so I clung to his words, changing my diet and following his instructions to the letter.

That was in 2002 and not only am I still alive, I am thriving! My health is better today than before I was poisoned and virtually left for dead. Through my business, Inspirations for Health, I am helping others to get their lives back and I couldn’t be happier.

That’s why I say, YOU are my inspiration for this blog.

I want you to live a healthy, happy life too. As you follow my blog, I’m going to share everything I’ve learned over the years about my health and wellness. In fact, I’m still learning and I’m going to pass whatever knowledge I gain so you can benefit too.

The scariest part of my story is that I almost gave up. If I had listened to the doctors who told me to go home and get my affairs in order, I wouldn’t be here today. Instead I am enjoying success and fulfilment as I never imagined possible—including spending precious time with my children and grandchildren.

Here’s the best part. As my health began to improve, my husband, a dyed in the wool skeptic for most of his life, began to notice. He observed benefits even I didn’t expect to see: my skin was soft and smooth and I had more energy and vitality than I had even decades before.

So, my husband (the skeptic, remember?) asked me to order supplements for him. He saw what I had and he wanted it for himself. And now we are both living well and loving life.
Stick with me. I’ll share information that has the ability to change our life. Just as YOU are my inspiration, your loved ones will be inspired by you.
I don’t want to do all the “talking”. Send me your comments and questions and I’ll look for the answers. We’re in this together, and I look forward to getting to know you, too.

Here’s to YOU!
Tammy Klinger

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In 2002, Tammy Klinger, while on the job, saw someone collapse and rushed to help. Moments after exiting her vehicle, she began choking and her eyes and skin burned. Tammy had been chemically poisoned and given 5 years to live. Miraculously, she survived. Tammy has dedicated her life to sharing the knowledge and research that saved her life.