The Mind of a Murder: An interview with Luke Christodoulou

The Mind of a Murder: An interview with Luke Christodoulou

Hello again fellow readers and writers.  My second interview is about murder. Allow me to introduce Luke Christodoulou

MurderLuke Christodoulou is an English teacher (MA Applied Linguistics – University of Birmingham), a poet and an author. He is also a coffee-movie-book-Nutella lover.

His first book, THE OLYMPUS KILLER (#1 BESTSELLER – Thrillers), was released in April, 2014. The book was voted Book Of The Month for May on Goodreads (Psychological Thrillers). The book continued to be a fan favourite on Goodreads and was voted BOTM for June in the group Nothing Better Than Reading.

In October, it was BOTM in the group Ebook Miner, proving it was one of the most talked-about thrillers of 2014. The second stand-alone thriller from the series, THE CHURCH MURDERS, was released April, 2015 to critical and fan acclaim.The third stand-alone thriller, DEATH OF A BRIDE, is available now! He is currently working on the fourth book from his planned Greek Island Mysteries book series.

He has, also, ventured into children’s book land and released 24 MODERNIZED AESOP FABLES, retelling old stories with new elements and settings. The book, also, features sections for parents which include discussions, questions, games and activities. He resides in Limassol, Cyprus with his wife and daughter. Hobbies include traveling the Greek Islands discovering new food and possible murder sites for his stories.

R: Hi Luke, and welcome. So, what kind of books do you write?

L: I write murder/mysteries with elements of thrillers splashed around. Crime and the methods used to solve the crime always intrigued me. As an avid reader and a youth with a wild imagination, it is no wonder I grew up to be a mystery author.

R: Very cool, Luke. Everyone loves a good mystery.
What got you into writing?

L: The crazy ideas inside my head. The passion to share these ideas with the rest of the world. The appealing world of literature lured me in and I never wish to leave.

R: Right on. Sharing your ideas is what makes for great story telling. That being said, what experiences can you tell me about, that shaped how you came to be as an author?

L: I would say 99 percent have been positive experiences. The writing process, The back and forth with my editor, the interaction with fans, the sales beyond my wildest dreams, the positive feedback and reviews. Now, the 1 percent is logical and happens to all authors. You will get turned down a lot by agents and publishing houses. Everybody does. From King to Rowling, everyone has heard a no. As for bad reviews? Also, normal. I read. I love certain books, I dislike others. It is a matter of taste. I cannot expect the entire population of this planet to enjoy my book.

R: Very well put. It’s important to realize that not everything is going to be loved, but that’s just part of the job as a writer. Your ideas will be loved by some, and disliked by others, but sticking to it, is all you can do. Now, who are your role models?

L: Agatha Christie by far. She gave birth to a lot of what is considered a cliche today. The way she left glues all over the book and left you amazed at the twist ending, made me want to write mystery novels. My mother was also a major influence as she read to me as a child and i always found her with a book in her hands.

R: Agatha Christie, one of the original mystery writers. It’s also nice to hear that your family was a big part of what made you decide to do what you do. What are some words of wisdom you might have for my followers?

L: Believe in your story. It’s your baby. Love it and do it justice. Accept feedback and better yourself every step of the way. There is no right path. Found what suits you and your books and flourish.

R: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now before we finish, here is the kicker: your favorite author?

L: I guess I answered this above. Agatha is my number one. I enjoy Patterson, LaPlante and King. Out of my genre, Lord of the Rings by Tolkien leads my favourite list. Life of Pi was amazing, yet I haven’t read anything else by its author.

R: Well you have quite a list of favorites, some of which I love too. Thanks for sharing your story, and teaching me and my followers what you do, and had to do, to get to where you are.

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