How Low Can You Go? Online Metrics and the Impact of Quality Content

How low can you go? On the Spark It Network website we use online metrics to track our visibility online. We also track the impact quality content has on those metrics. For the past months I have been checking Alexa.  This site is where I can see how Spark It Network stacks up against other companies and to see if our online strategy is working?

Online Metrics give us information.  Information is power.

On Alexa we can see where our traffic is coming from; how many minutes people are staying on our site and how many pages they are looking at when they get there. One month ago our Alexa rating looked like this: Global rank was 2,767,309 and our US was 288,601. We had an average of 15 daily page views per visitor and people were staying an average of 31.09 min on site. That was pretty good seeing as our traffic up to this point was organic.

Imagine my surprise today, when I checked out our Alexa rating again and this is what I found: Our Global Rank is 1,866,580  and our United States rank is 194,789.  We have an average daily page view of  30 minutes and over 15 daily page views. WOW!  Way to go!

According to Ginny Soskey in her post on Hubspot, 55% of visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website and says that people engage with newsworthy content more than evergreen content.  She goes on to say that people who find your content through search engines are in active search mode already — they’re looking for a specific answer and are committed to taking the time to find it, which may make them more engaged visitors.

Here at Spark It Network we strive for quality content posts and encourage our bloggers to create evergreen content with a strong call to action.  In the past months we have posted multiple podcasts, internet television shows, amazing guest blog posts and of course wonderful articles from our membership.

Spark It Network is a collaborative blogging site.  And because of that our members and guest bloggers are able to leverage the visibility and credibility of the community. People come in from all over to read a post they are interested in and end up reading lots of other posts while they are there.

How cool is that!

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