Local Marketing and Google Maps Listings

What if you found out your phone had stopped ringing…

…because the phone company removed your Yellow Pages listing and didn’t tell you?
…because they printed the wrong number?
…because practically no one uses the phone book anymore and your customers can’t find you? > Same results – No Calls!

If people do business with you on a local basis, you have to show up and show up correctly on Local Search or you’re out of the game!

Do customers make a choice about who to call based on……how much information they can see about your company when they search?…whether you show up on the first page of listings?…what other people say? (reviews) YES! Yes! and Yes!But ONLY if they can find you and savvy businesses are very aware that the top few Red Balloon results get 40% to 50% of new business.

How do you find out if you are a “little red dot”?

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com
  2. Type in your business category or what they are looking for AND location by city name or zip code (plumber San Diego, pizza 93456)
  3. Look at the list of the top results – are you there? (if you are in a smaller market, you might be on top even without claiming your Places page, but as soon as your competitors do, your results will slip)
  4. Scroll over the little red dots near your address – if you have a little red dot, you have a pre-made Google Places page that needs to be claimed and set up, if you can’t find your business, we can help you get listed and get your phone ringing!

We recommend that every small business start with the Local Focus Search Package.

Turn Your Phone Back On!

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What if you found out your phone had stopped ringing…

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