Jim Stovall On S4L Quest For Cash Cow Call In Show

Early June of 2015, I was excited to have Special Guest Jim Stovall on my S4L Call In Show “The Quest For The Cash Cow”.

Quest For The Cash Cow with Special Guest Jim StovallJim┬áStovall is the author of numerous books and is known for his very “down to earth” demeanor.
Although Jim┬áStovall is a deca-millionaire, you wouldn’t even realize that he hangs around people like Donald Trump, Mr. Forbes, and other known celebrities. In his newest film, he actually has Raquel Welch playing a very special role in his new film. Having lost his sight in his younger years, he had made a decision to work harder, longer, and had set his sight on making no excuses for himself. I am so excited and honored to be able to have Mr. Stovall as a mentor and run ideas by him weekly. In a very special interview with him, he shares the secret to his success. In actuality, there is no real magic…establish a plan, do what you set out to do, and don’t compromise your work ethic or integrity.

In his book the Millionaire Map, Mr. Stovall outlines in very practical terms the mindset of becoming a millionaire.

Take time to enjoy the great insights of someone that truly walks the walk not just in what he has accomplished, but also in his desire to help others succeed in life.

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