Is a Book Idea Burning Inside You?

Is a Book Idea Burning Inside You? Enjoy This FREE Gift  and Self-Publish!

Is a book or blog idea burning inside you? Don’t wait until the fire becomes so hot it turns your dream to ash.

BookWrite that book or blog NOW.

Even if you’re really busy or your life seems too complicated to add a book into the mix, you can begin with just a few minutes a day. Here’s how….

I’ve worked with many authors over the years. Some have been self-employed, others have held demanding jobs, and still others have been unemployed. One thing many of them share is the desire to write and the belief they don’t have time.

The truth is:

No matter how busy your life is, if there’s a book or blog idea burning in your heart, the time to write will present itself. There are ways! I know this from personal experience.
Years ago, when I wanted to develop a discipline for writing every day I thought, there’s no way. Where would I find time?

I believed that writing a book or blog meant that I needed to sit in front of my computer for several hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, I BELIEVED I had no time.

I decided to begin by writing 5-minutes a day. That I could do. What I discovered amazed me: the moment I committed to writing, time presented itself. I began to make choices that allowed for space in my life — gaps of time I quickly filled with writing.

Today, other than the writing I do for others (I am a ghostwriter) I’ve discovered there’s more time for my own writing than I believed. It all boils down to choice-making. Choosing how to spend my time dictates the amount of time I dedicate to writing. Today, I can sit for hours writing. There is nothing I’d rather do.

Getting back to your book or blog….

Do you feel the burn? Is your book or blog idea ready for expression but you’re not sure where to start?

I’d like to help. I’m offering a FREE workshop for writers who want to sort things out and get started. Everyone who signs up for my Heal Your Life With Writing Course in Santa Clarita will be invited to a half-day Write and Publish Your Book workshop. Even if you’ve already started writing or putting your thoughts on paper, I am here for you.

To sign up for the $47 4-hour writing course with Seasons of Santa Clarita, please click here and scroll down: Please claim your gift certificate for $197 for FREE admittance to my half day Write and Publish Your Book workshop after you sign up for the city class by emailing me:
Note: If you’re out of town and can’t attend the city class for any reason, let me know. Your sign-up qualifies you for the FREE Write and Publish Your Book half-day workshop. I’ll send you the recording.

Here are some testimonials from writers I’ve had the honor of working with:

“I registered for a writing class never thinking that decision would change my life forever. I met the most wonderful person – the teacher – Judith Cassis. She made it so easy even for someone who was not the best in punctuation. I learned so much but didn’t realize how much I had learned until I published my first book of suspense stories, then two children’s books.
Judith always encouraged, she can inspire you when you just draw a blank. Judith had changed my life and opened new paths for me to follow.”
Jeanne WrayJeanne Wray, Mystery and Short Story Author

“I am fortunate to have had Judith Cassis has my book coach, mentor, advisor, and editor for the past year. It has been a privilege for me to know her and to study under her tutelage. For someone like myself who is passionate about becoming a published author, I can think of no better counselor. She helps me reach deep within to draw out my finest writing, never letting me accept second best. At the same time she keeps me well grounded in the reality of today’s publishing world as it changes constantly under the ceaseless impact of social media.”
Bill Blowers HeadshotBill Blowers, Author Dangerous Betrayal (2016 Award Winning Novel)

“Judith Cassis is a born teacher. She has a guiding spirit that shows that you CAN do it, whatever it is. She gives of her time and knowledge to help you accomplish your goal because she believes – in giving – and in you.”
Elaine MartinElaine Martin Author, Too Many Doors


“I have worked with Judith Cassis for several years and have nothing but great praise and respect for her. It did not matter if she was working on her personal events, a client’s book she was ghostwriting helping someone with a question she was always professional, reliable, and willing to put in all it took to get the job done with the highest quality.
Judith has worked directly with my company in many areas using her expertise in all of them – writing press releases, writing promotional materials for events, brain storming to assist making my company products and services more accessible to the public.
ChristinaChristina Littrell Williams, CEO

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Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and book coach. She has been leading writers workshops, retreats and events since 1999. Her company, Success Made Simple, provides guidance and resources for writers planning to publish books, blogs and articles.