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To spread the message and continue to inspire our existing passionistas I created a show called The Passion Point.

The Passion Point is a weekly talk show with each week featuring a different, talented passionista discussing their journey to self-fulfillment. Each guest is passionate
about what they do and is successful in pursuing a career in their field of choice.
StaceyHallIn a chapter of my book Passionistas Talk, Volume One, I speak with Stacey Hall, the founder of the whole institute of intuitive wellness, saving the lives of people stressed to the snapping point.

Does that sound like you? I know it sounded like me.

Having reached a point of complete physical, emotional, and mental depletion in 2005, Stacey Hall declared, “I want to learn how to heal my heart and then help others to heal their hearts.” So her message, be energized, be powerful, and keep your eye on your be-all has become the rally call for the worldwide Chi-To-Be movement that is uplifting the globe with commitment, harmony and inspiration, one person at a time. She’s also the author of Chi-To-Be, Achieving Your Ultimate B-All and creator of the Chi-To-Be master program. She’s the author of the global bestseller, Attracting Perfect Customers, the Power of Strategic Synchronicity which has been translated into numerous languages since its publication in 2001.

I asked Stacey her definition of Passion.

She said that passion is an intense feeling or conviction and that it also has the power of intention with it.


Read more about what Stacey Hall has to say about passion in Passionistas Talk, The Best of The Passion Point Interviews!

If you would like to be interviewed on The Passion Point and be considered for the next volume of Passionistas Talk, please contact me here

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