Influence With A Heart: How to Be A Better Leader and Communicator

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Influence With A Heart: How to Be A Better Leader and Communicator

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to my guest, Ben Gioia.  He is a speaker, coach, bestselling author, and president of Influence With A Heart. He shows entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders how to be better communicators and more influential leaders. He’s trained 126 top business leaders at Stanford and served 32 million people by helping launch one of the biggest magazines in the world. Today he is a mindfulness and empathy consultant who’s developing training content for 15,000 people.

Ben’s simple framework: empathy + story + thought leadership (and a dash of mindfulness). This is proven, powerful, and practical, whether you’re face-to-face, online, onstage, or on the phone.

InfluenceAlmost dying 4 times in 72 hours during a hike in India gave Ben a gift: a fire inside to serve. So today he shows individuals and organizations — how to inspire, influence, and bring their positive agenda into the world — while creating a legacy that will keep making an impact into the future. This is Influence With A Heart™!

Ben’s new best-selling book, “INFLUENCE WITH A HEART: How To Be A Better Leader and Communicator by Using More Empathy, Story, and Thought Leadership” is both a framework and an action guide for how to use more influence (ethically) so you can be a better communicator and a more effective leader. What you’ll discover in this book is a new way to do business, a proven approach for success, and practical ways to make it happen… inspired and informed by the insights and examples of Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Steven Covey, Jim Collins, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, Wendy Palmer, and many more.

Ben shares the importance of being crystal clear on your purpose. He also shares why principles and values are different and the 3 elements of his framework to succeed in business that are the following actionable tools:

1. Empathy
2. Story (your special sauce)
3. Thought Leadership

In addition to these elements which he goes into depth within his book, Ben emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and being present to what you’re doing.

“Imagine what happens when each one of these people — “turns up the volume” on their influence, income, and impact — so they can help more people… whether it’s one, or 10, or 10,000 more people” ~ Ben Gioia

Ben is offering a free audiobook when you purchase his book on Amazon. After purchase, you can email him a copy of the receipt to You can also learn more about Ben at

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