How To Attract Clients On Facebook

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On today’s episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives, Caren and Nancy speak with Alina Vincent on How to attract clients on Facebook

Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent is a Fast Growth Business and Technology Strategist who helps entrepreneurs serious about big impact and profits shorten their path to success.

Finding her zone of genius by combining a strong analytical background, which includes advanced science degrees, with creative vision, Alina works at the intersection of logic and imagination, giving you everything from practical research-driven systems and strategies, to creative original and intuitive solutions. An Amazon #1 Best-selling Author, she is gifted in her ability to simplify complex ideas into actionable, result-generating steps. By working with her you benefit from smart strategy, intuitive guidance, and focus on the end result.

Alina helps business owners and entrepreneurs with:
==Big Picture Strategy
==Rock Solid Logistics
==Seamless Systems Integration
==Targeted Message Delivery
==Rapid Revenue Acceleration

Some of the topics we discuss:

– being a business coach, having a business coach
– using Facebook to grow business
– Tips for getting clients from Facebook

Check out Alina’s Fanpage here: Business Owners Who Think Big

For some free resources from Alina: Free Resources From Alina

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