How To Get Free Money For College

How To Get Free Money For College

Choosing the colleges that will want your student and give them a BIG HUGE DISCOUNT.  That means you get to save thousands of dollars for college.

As a parent who went through this process, I wish there was more insider information other than the water cooler buddy which most families get their information from.   I have seen  students go blindly in search for their college. They and their parents hope that the University will desire them as much as they do. What frequently happens is they don’t care because they know that students often lead the charge for admission.  Parents get involved at the last moment.  The kid is excited to go to their dream school without taiking into consideration the financial nightmare that is about to become reality.


Schools understand the Golden Rule, “He who has the gold makes the rules”.  And the rules say, “At our college we want our applicants to have 3.8 unweighted grade point average and a 2150 on their SAT’s and/or a 32 on their ACT. That’s when they consider giving you a “tuition discount”.

 Many in the science field who are “brain experts” suggest that most people don’t reach full maturity until the age 25.  Why would you allow a 17 year old immature mind decide what is for many, the most costly expenditure or “investment” a parent will ever make?

I was reading an article that stated that 80% of students go to the college they want without exploring the overall cost. Many Parents will jeopardize their economic future just so they can make their child’s dream come true.   Parents need to learn the true meaning of the word NO.  How about being involved and setting some ground rules?

There are tons of schools out there in the $40,000-49,000 range that will offer 15-20k in free money discounts. Include some student loans and you could be looking at $28,000 per year (based on a income of over $100,000). This is equivalent to many state public schools with low graduation rates and even worse 20 year returns on investment.

The bottom line, if you take the time and use a professional who can educate and navigate your family through this complicated maze, you will avoid many sleepless nights.

Dan Evertsz

The College Money Pro


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Dan Evertsz

College Funding Expert at College Money Pros
Dan Evertsz is the CEO of College Money Pros Over the past 9 years, Dan has helped hundreds of working families access merit scholarships for their college bound students as well as implementing a college funding plan to cover their share of the cost. Mr. Evertsz has been an expert in the Education, Financial Services and the Real Estate industries for the last 27 years. Dan Evertsz has helped hundreds of families navigate this complicated process. Dan has practical experience due to his experience with his daughter who is a recent college graduate. Prior to her entering college, Dan experienced the frustrations of the admissions and financial aid process first hand. Fast forward nine years later, Dan is a recognized leader in the college funding arena. Dan will help your family get all your children through college in a comfortable manner without destroying your nest egg, deferring your retirement or going into student or parent loan debt.