Evolutionary Astrology

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On this episode of The Passion Point Caren Glasser chats with Louise Eddington about Evolutionary Astrology.


Louise EddingtonLouise Edington is a Transformational Change Agent, Evolutionary Astrologer, Healer, Teacher and Writer.

She helps women navigate major times of change and personal transformation with deep empathy, English wit and a battery of eclectic skills earned through many years of study and practice. Louise works with the Unique Cosmic Blueprint to help wise women find their lost wild woman and sacred sound – the voice.

Louise is an astrologer and healer who goes beyond the basics and truly reveals the essence of your cosmic blueprint.

Louise is a seeker of truth, a fighter for equality and on the domestic front is a wife and mother to two teen girls and two crazy rescue Terriers.

You can find Louise at:
http://yourcosmicblueprint.com where you can side up to receive her Cosmic Transitions Report and also her newly created ‘Guide To Finding Your Lost Wild Woman’
http://facebook.com /yourcosmicblueprint
And in her free closed Facebook group: http://facebook.com/groups/cosmicconnections

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