2 – Podcasts

On todays episode we talk about Podcasts and the Podcast directory.  Why should you think about podcasts and how it will up your visibility and credibility in business.


Check out the directory here: http://reganstarr.com/top-podcasts to view lists of top 100 overall Podcasts in iTunes and Top 100 for each category

In Segment 2 we share updates from our Facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions

In today’s Podcast we talk about our Increase Your Sales, Network and Site Rank series.  On this show we feature Michael Krisa.

In Segment 3 we are Sparking our members – each episode, we feature one of our members in depth, we’ll also have a question and answer segments – if you ask the question, you get your website and contact information showcased on the podcast and in the show notes!

Today’s Spark It Member….  Dan Evertsz – College Money Pros

Dan Evertsz, AKA The College Money Pro

Dan Evertsz is the CEO of College Money Pros   Over the past 9 years, Dan has helped hundreds of working families access merit scholarships for their college bound students as well as implementing a college funding plan to cover their share of the cost.  Mr. Evertsz has been an expert in the Education, Financial Services and the Real Estate

You can contact Dan here: – http://collegemoneypros.com/12


In Segment 4 we are creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in Facebook group, on G+ and Twitter

This weeks hashtag is: #nosummerslump – What can you do to stay productive during the summer when it feels like everyone is in vacation mode?

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