17 – Outsourcing

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Today Caren and Kathryn are talking about Outsourcing.  What is it?  and how to use it in your business today.  Some ways to outsource includes:

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Updates from our Facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Profit Power Zones – Sales funnels –

What is a sales funnel?

How Can Creating A Sales Funnel Increase Your Profits?

  • You may have a completed book, course or product in inventory that is not being specifically marketed anywhere! 100% loss of potential profits.
  • You may have products or services that are hard to find in your offerings but that have good margins and high customer value – Shine the light on them and create a strong promotion for them!
  • You may have so many products and services that when people come to your website they don’t know what to even look at. Narrow their choices and create a compelling offer for each core product and service.
  • You may have a new book, course, product or service and you want press mentions, ads and your other promotions to lead people to a purchase point.
  • Most people make purchase decisions after several offers and exposures to a product or service – not the first time they see it. A good sales funnel compels them to take immediate action, but it also helps you give them the choice to come back later when they are ready, because you’ve collected contact info so that you can build a relationship.

Why Should You Set Up A Sales Funnel Now?

  • You’ll be on track for reaching your ideal client with a compelling offer that encourages immediate purchase or follow up.
  • You can use upsells and downsells to give them more choices and increase the purchase amount.
  • You have a purchase and delivery cycle set up from start to finish.
  • You have a contact request or email optin cycle set up from start to finish.
  • You’ll understand how to create additional sales funnels for other products and services.

What Does It Cost To Not Have A Sales Funnel NOW?

  • If people know you have a book or course or other product but can’t find where to buy it you are losing credibility AND sales every day.
  • Having all your products and services lumped into a group creates confusion – which one is best, where to start, etc. A confused mind always says NO.
  • If you only offer things one time in one way, you don’t foster the sales process and force people to take it or leave it.
  • Your promotions budget and effort to get people to visit your website is wasted if you have no clear path to purchase or way to make contact.
  • Every day you don’t have a product up for sale and promoted is a day you are losing money!

Who Is This Sales Funnel Profit Power Zone Ideal For?

  • Business owners, authors, course creators, speakers, service providers –  people who have a product or service for sale.

What Do You Get?

  • Pre-Workday – 30 minute strategy session to ensure the domain and reserve any needed matching Social Media.
  • Session 1 – Reaching your ideal client and creating a compelling offer – planned from showing the product benefits to delivery.
  • Session 2 – Build the sales funnel pages.
  • Session 3 – Connect your email list and payment processing, product delivery and follow up.

Check out the course here:  http://www.profitpowerzone.com/sales-funnel/

Get a complimentary marketing checkup here: http://profitpowerzones.com/marketing-checkup/

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Sparking our members – each episode, we feature a friend of Spark It Network,

full-potentialToday’s friend of Spark It network…. Ant Hodges – He is one of the World’s Leading and Expert Speaker, Coach, Consultant and Trainer in  Internet and Online Digital Media Marketing. Ant has dedicated his time and studies to learn exactly how communication through different  forms of media would encourage the growth of organizations and the way that brands were built in their marketplace.

Now he gives creative strategy and vision to his own digital agency with team based in Swindon and London.  Understanding that  entrepreneurs and start-up’s needed the coaching and advice from experienced business advisors, CoachingRing was born. A place that will  grow to be the destination for any small business to get access to professional coaches without having to pay high monthly coaching fees. He has partnered with the best coaches in the world to provide this all for free.

Check it out here: CoachingRing.com

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Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag – #outsource – what kind of things do you outsource now?  What can you outsource


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