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Today we are talking about Online Metrics, Analytics and Ads.  Organic – it’s important to build your organic ranking, especially if you are local… and your google ads will be lower.  Can’t rely on it for sales and to bring in the traffic that you want.  Paid – where to do it, what’s realistic and what can you expect.  Facebook, google ads and others.

Some ways you can track your online metrics: Alexa.com, google analytics installed

Segment 2 –

Updates from our facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Profit Power Zones – Website plan –

Profit Power Zone  – Website plan includes:

  • Choose domain and reserve all matching Social Media
    • See – Is all the important information there? Visible across devices?
    • Think – Core pages and FAQ page plan
    • Do – Sales process, Calls to Action, Follow Up
  • Tracking Results
  • Choose Theme and Color palette
  • Order or plan site build and supplemental work
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Page Copy
  • FAQ Videos or Copy
  • Email list and auto-responder setup
  • Install analytics and tracking on online metrics
  • Shopping cart and sales fulfillment

Get a complimentary marketing checkup here: http://profitpowerzones.com/marketing-checkup/


Segment 3.

Sparking our members – Today’s friend of Spark It network is Iuliana Lixandru – she is a Naturopath, Vegan and Vegetarian Food Coach, Detox Specialist and Yoga Instructor.  She believes in nature’s rules, meaning for every problem there’s a root cause and you should always start by going back to the cause. She posted a blog on depression – engagement off the charts, with almost 500 impressions on our fanpage and over 35 shares.  Her timing is great, great content.  Her company is called Designing a Better Life

Check out her post on depression here: https://sparkitnetwork.com/business-promotion/cure-winter-depression/

And her website: http://designingabetterlife.com/


Segment 4 –

Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag – #Alexa – what’s yours?

Free marketing checkup: http://profitpowerzones.com/marketing-checkup/

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