14 – Editing

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On today’s episode we are talking about Editing: Audio, Video, Transcriptions and writing.

Why professional sounding audio and careful editing matter.

Your audio quality matters. Why? Because it’s still true that first impressions matter. Like it or not, people make quick estimations about the resources they find on the internet, which means that their first listen to a less-than-quality podcast might easily be their last.

Example – I’m going to play a real podcast intro that was submitted to an internet radio station I used to manage. The “talent” had great info – but the chances of anyone listening more than 10 seconds before being confused and ear-glommed were slim to none. He had a tantrum and only did 5 episodes. Editing does not mean artistry – it means creating something Engaging that will be good for your LISTENERS.


It’s like a unibrow….no one wants to look at it…..a little tweezing makes you look a lot smarter.


When a podcast has less-than-great audio, chances are your listener is not going to listen to the rest of your podcasts. The same with video.  Check out how to do some editing right inside YouTube.  Download this free book: How to Get 10,000 Views on YouTube

When we talk about writing and transcriptions, we think about the  “ummm” and “uhhhh” “ya know” filler-words that are common today. We all do it (yes, even us). But you shouldn’t settle for the amateur feeling those speaking habits give to your shows or writings, when you could remove them and sound more authoritative and professional? No, that kind of editing doesn’t have to make the conversation sound stilted or wooden. A good editor has the intuition and skill to leave the right spacing and pacing to keep that from happening.

Segment 2 –

Updates from our Facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Today we are talking about the Craft Your Book Profit Power Zone

How Can Crafting A Book Increase Your Profits?

  • Creates visibility and credibility – Experience instant respect as a published author.
  • Tells your story in your words.
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field – Experts get PAID MORE.
  • Evergreen content – Create once and have it market for you forever.

Why Should You Do This With Us?

This course is specifically designed for first-time authors who need a deadline, need accountability and appreciate group feedback. You get a one-on-one consultation before starting the course to make sure your book concept is solid. During the course, the built-in support group of other writers working on their first book is encouraging and motivational.

Who Is This Crafting Your Book Hands On Training For?

  • Small business owners and professionals
  • People who want and need more visibility
  • People who would like to write a book or have started a book.

What You Get

  • Session One – Inventory of existing content and brainstorming
  • Session Two: Market research
  • Session Three: Coming up with a unique angle and defining your audience
  • Session Four: Outlining your book
  • Session Five: Finding your voice and author perspective
  • Session Six: Writing collaboration and titling your book
  • Session Seven: Writing tips and further collaboration
  • Session Eight: Editing for content and continuity
  • Session Nine: Editing for style
  • Session Ten: Next steps toward publishing

Check it out here: Craft Your Book Profit Power Zone

Segment 3

Sparking our members – each episode, we feature a friend of Spark It Network.
Today’s friend of Spark It network…. Carey Green is a retired Pastor turned multipreneur. His business efforts include everything from writing (non-fiction and fiction) to podcast production and online courses.  He helps podcasters get back the time they spend editing their show and provides professional audio to rival anything out there.
Get more info about Carey here: www.PodcastFastTrack.com

Segment 4

Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag #mybook  Let us know about your book or book you would like to write, title or topic


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