13 – Copy Writing Essential Skill To Learn Or Hire

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On today’s episode Caren and Kathryn are talking about Copywriting, an essential skill to learn or hire.  This is not to be confused with copyrighting…  which means protecting your work.  Copywriting is  articles and content writing – general skill level – do it yourself or outsource easily.  One place we suggest to check out is www.copycog.com

Sales copy writing – highly specialized, could be the most important part of your sales funnel

A bad headline can kill the whole page – A great headline can increase sales 500 to 1000 %

A good idea is to test 25 headlines and see which gets the most results!

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Updates from our Facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Our last guest on the Increase Your Sales, Network and Site Rank series is Caren Glasser – Blogging

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Sparking our members – each episode, we feature a friend of Spark It Network,

Today’s friend of Spark It network…. Chris Bloor, Copywriter, Internet Marketer – Man of Vision

He believes that we should LOVE people and USE things and NEVER the other way around.  He’s the kind of guy that will leave you feeling:

  • Listened to
  • Encouraged
  • Motivated
  • Challenged
  • Inspired
  • Informed
  • Valued
  • Energized

An example of how copy can work: What Chris says: “If you have a business and want to grow it, odds are he’ll become your secret weapon – handing you fiendishly clever marketing ideas like a demented popcorn machine on steroids” Trust me I am a friend who is very well worth knowing….

He is one of the founders of the wildly successful Facebook group: Marketing Secrets: All of us have different skills, insights, services and experience when it comes to marketing.  Marketing Secrets was set up to impact lives and change destinies. From business coaching to copywriting from Adwords to Blogging, Marketing Secrets is a place for phenomenal sharing and discovery.

Chris’s Contact info





Segment 4 –

Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag #CopyRight  because it’s important to get your copy right! This week hashtag your favorite headline

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