Double Your Check Call | Building Your Offline Database | Diane Conklin

In marketing one of the most important things you can do is “Build your list!” We have all heard that and tonight we are going to discuss EXACTLY what that means!

A ton of Gurus will spend all of their time building an online database but tonight my guest and I will be talking about the how’s and why you MUST be building an OFFLINE database as well!

It does not have to be difficult and tonight, you will walk away with at LEAST 4 different ways to begin building an offline database that will become one of the most profitable assets of your entire business.

Not long ago, I sold a company for TWICE what I thought it was worth simply because the buyer wanted offline addresses for it’s clientele. Why? Because the clients moved around often and seemed to never be in the same place for longer than a few months at a time!! Kinda hard to get the message out to a bunch of nomads!! Well, we saw that early enough and started building a database of their HOME addresses! It was way easier than I thought and served both the new owner and I (I sold for TWICE what I thought I would) very well!!

Diane is a MASTER at building and creating direct mail campaigns and getting folks to give her their HOME addresses!! This is MASSIVE!!

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