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Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to my guest, Jean Price, The DIVA Coach Stylist| Biz Coach| Speaker| Trainer. Jean passionately helps high-achieving women leaders attract more ideal clients, customers & relationships by becoming more visible. In addition, she’s always loved fashion and is an expert in how much it influences success. For 30 plus years, she has shared her vision and wisdom with thousands of ladies throughout Canada and the U.S. through one-on-one consulting, transformational presentations and corporate trainings.

DivaJean shares her inspiration from her childhood that led her to her business within fashion. She also shares how it evolved into her Coach Stylist business. Our childhood experiences often hold the key to our future and Jean definitely drew upon her experiences with her grandmother to create her passion.

Jean explains why she chose DIVA as her business name:

D = Delicious
I = Intelligent
V = Vibrant
A = Abundant

She adds that it is her passion to help every woman see themselves as a DIVA!

Jean also shares her easy-to-follow system, incorporating 4 DIVA types of women:

  • DIVA Type 1 – Bright/Animated – Air Essence
  • DIVA Type 2 – Soft/Subtle – Water Essence
  • DIVA Type 3 – Rich/Dynamic – Fire Essence
  • DIVA Type 4 – Bold/Stunning – Earth Essence

Within our conversation, Jean expands on the 4 different types. She also talks about how the characteristics are already our essence and how to work with them for our own growth and also how to respond to other women who are of a difference type than ours.

Jean goes on to share that when embracing your unique style, your DIVA Effect, you experience the following:

Firstly, you are seen as confident as well as empowered;
Secondly, you attract more of your ideal clients as well as relationships;
You also feel and look fabulous;
You have also removed the stress and energy drain of not knowing what to wear on any occasion; and
Finally, you bring more freedom, ease as well as happiness into your life.

Jean’s quotable ~ “Create a life that feels good on the inside. Not one that just looks good on the outside”

To learn more about Jean, please visit her on her Facebook page The Diva Coach and you can also contact her at Diva@execulink.com

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