Discover Your Unique Cosmic Blueprint with Louise Edington

Discover Your Unique Cosmic Blueprint with Louise Edington

On today’s episode of The Nancy Ferrari Show, my special guest is Louise Edington, a Transformational Change Agent, Evolutionary Astrologer, Healer, Teacher and Writer. She helps women navigate major times of change and personal transformation with deep empathy, English wit and a plethora of skills earned through many years of study and practice.

Cosmic Blueprint

Louise Edington

Louise works with your Unique Cosmic Blueprint to help you find your spiritual footing and to guide you through changes in order to help you to find your path and to continue on that journey.

Louise is an astrologer and healer who goes beyond the basics and truly reveals the essence of your cosmic blueprint. She is a seeker of truth, a fighter for equality and on the domestic front is a wife and mother to two teen girls, her cat and two crazy rescue Terriers.

Our discussions within our conversation, included:

Louise’s path to beginning her work as an astrologer and her passion of working with women to guide them within their unique cosmic blueprint.

Understanding the shift into the age of Aquarius and more the history of previous astrological ages.

The Wild Woman theme and what makes her work unique

The Super Moon and related energies from the eclipses

Her upcoming speaking engagement at Freedomista Biz 3 day retreat in Park City, Utah on October 19th – 21st, and how you can purchase a ticket for only $97 (valued at $497)

Contact Louise Edington ~ /yourcosmicblueprint

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