Why Is Content Marketing Key Today to Attract Clients?

Why Is Content Marketing Key Today?

On today’s episode of The Passion Point, Caren talks with Bettyanne Green.  She is a Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter who helps small-business owners position themselves as experts, in addition to building loyal supporters and attracting clients they love to serve.

Content MarketingFrom 30 years’ experience in marketing communications, writing and graphic design, Bettyanne’s current love affair is with “relationship marketing”. Especially for big-hearted business people who want to do well by doing good. She believes that Content Marketing is THE way to foster long-term engagement as well as to forge those strong connections that build a thriving business. Bettyanne’s consultation work ranges from creating brand messaging in addition to social media strategy and repurposing content. Just about anything that will help her clients deliver a message that matters, where it matters. And her side job seems to be lowering blood pressure! After working with Bettyanne, clients commonly report feeling much calmer and more confident about facing that daunting, necessary evil called “marketing!”

Some of this things we talk about:

  1. Why content marketing is key today – and why every solopreneur and small business owner needs to get onboard!
  2. Your theme and your ‘why:’ Your message is too important to wing it! However, that’s what many solopreneurs do.
  3. What is content? Even large businesses seem to think it’s something mysterious. In addition, a simple definition of content for the big-hearted biz person.
  4. How to stop winging your content: Four keys. Be intentional, be strategic, be personal, and especially to be consistent.
  5. Importance of doing it YOUR way; tip on making sure your content strategy fits YOU. (And don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently!

Check out Bettyanne’s Facebook Live event about the importance of using a content marketing calendar HERE

Bettyanne offer several packages to meet your content marketing needs. If you’re ready to dive in, you can start with a phone chat to see which is the best fit for you. This is a 30-minute FREE phone conversation.  People can reach her by emailing Bettyanne@heart2heartmarketing.com, or texting her at 216-255-2223 and just mention that Caren sent ya!

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