Up Close and Personal with Stacey Blanchet!

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Up Close and Personal with Stacey Blanchet!

Welcome to Nancy Ferrari Style! This is your time to watch my guests and I share our style of thinking, our style of living, insights and points of view and what makes us unique. My featured guest is Stacey Blanchet. She is an accomplished woman beyond measure as she is a fashion designer and owner of “Blanchet Designs”. In addition, she is the Executive Producer at In The Know, Senior Editor of Trend Prive Magazine, author of her book “Journey to Myself” which she also produced as a documentary, and the owner of Your Own Girl Friday.

Stacey shares her journey of setting out to discover and forge her own road map, which led her to traveling and living in Europe for 4 years when she was only 28 years old.

Stacey BlanchetHer impetus for her wanderlust came when she was 27 years old, working as a bomb analyst for the military and knew that was not the life that she wanted. She traveled through all the continents and gained a new view about life which influenced her future. Stacey always had a deep love of fashion and knew this would be an industry waiting for her.

It was after witnessing two of her friends’ battle with cancer, who also told her to live her dreams as a fashion designer, that she gained a new perspective of living life to the fullest and soon thereafter, Blanchet Designs was born. Many lessons were learned through designing fashions, having 4 fashion houses in Europe, all of which were created only 7 years ago in 2010. Stacey has never stopped creating in one genre or another, whether as a writer, producer, editor or business owner.

Stacey Blanchet is a creative genius and shares that it’s great to be passionate about our work, however, she emphasizes that we must know our Business 101 if we are to succeed. Passion is one thing, but business acumen is a must! She shares a golden nugget that we do what we’re good at, farm out the rest, but if you don’t have the money to farm it out, you have no business to be in business.

A fascinating aspect of Stacey’s life is that she wrote her book “Journey to Myself” in her early 20’s based on the heart ache after a broken relationship which was never published in spite of sending it to numerous publishers.

She received 99.9% rejections from publishing houses but 7 years later, a gentleman discovered her book and contacted her to upload her book to eNovel which was one of the earliest forms of publishing. The book also was created in graphic form and in an audible form and was a huge success!

She also shared the honor of attending numerous Emmy and Oscar Award shows, along with her models who wore her fashion designs and acclaimed notoriety for her distinct Blanchet Designs.

Stacey inspired me beyond imagination and know that there is no “give up” in life. Every day is a golden opportunity!

Stacey’s words of wisdom from her many lessons are ~ “Life is just life, roll with it, go with it, handle it, get up and move on”

She also shares a very special story about a young woman whose family immigrated from Afghanistan to the United States. This young lady shared her grandfather’s wise words with Stacey before she went back to Afghanistan to teach young girls in spite of the danger and challenges of going back home. Her grandfather’s words are: “Walk in Great Footsteps and Leave Great Footsteps Behind”. Words to live by and words that I will incorporate into my life!

To learn more about Stacey Blanchet, please visit her website www.StaceyBlanchet.com and you can find her on Facebook by her name as well as Blanchet Designs.

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