Canva 30 Day Challenge

Are you ready for the Canva 30 Day Challenge?

For today’s entrepreneur providing great visual content is more important than ever. In Mari Smith’s opening speech of Social Media Day, San Diego, on June 30, 2015 she declared, [and a lot of us know this already as most of us are likely part of this statistic] that “65% of our audiences are visual learners”. This means, they need to be attracted to, connect with us, learn from us and buy from us based on the graphic content we put out there on social media.

It is for this reason that I decided to host a Canva 30 Day Challenge. A lot of my fans and followers ask me where I come up with, or get my customized graphics. When I tell them I make them myself they either ask me to help them with that for themselves and their business needs, or they ask me to do it for them. While I’m always happy to help, I believe that creativity needs to be an individual, personal thing. It needs to come from YOU. This 30 Day Challenge is here to help you learn and become fluent with Canva.

Sue B. Zimmerman, one of today’s TOP Instagram marketers and teachers, says “Canva is a great app to use for great visual content”.

Kim Garst, one of the most influential visual content marketers I know of in the social space also uses Canva and often declares in her Periscopes how awesome it is.

The rules for this 30 Day Challenge are simple:

Canva– enter your name and email address here Making Sense Of Social Media and let me know you want to participate
– begin July 1st, 2015 [or July 2nd]
– create ONE custom graphic per day for 30 days using Canva for your creation
– post your creations to your social media platforms [Instagram, Twitter, Facebook are the preferred networks] entering #Canva30daychallenge in the description [so I can find you]


It’s truly THAT simple!

A common belief is that habits are formed after 21 days, so let’s stick with that for this challenge, shall we! That being said, after 30 days of using Canva daily you’ll be a genuine expert at creating customized branded graphics, infographics, presentations, posters, business cards, social posts, and a wide variety of other template selections Canva has for us! Want to brand better? Then Canva better! My Canva 30 Day Challenge will help you achieve this!

So, once again, enter your name and email address at this website [] so I know you want to participate, go to and just start creating. A side note, Canva now comes in an app for iPhone as well. I’m an Android user, so this does nothing for me, but I thought you’d like to know.

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