Can Writers and Authors Outsource to Gain Leverage?

Can authors and bloggers outsource to gain leverage? That depends on several factors. One factor: GOALS.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a process with long arms. It can have a huge reach and major impact on a writer’s business.

“Wait a minute–who said anything about a business?”

Oh … you only want to write? You don’t want to sell books, you just want to write them. That’s okay, some people do.

What’s that, you say?

“Of course I want to sell books!”

Then congratulations, you’re in business. Authoring books or blogs is something you can’t go into with an If-I-write-it-they-will-buy mentality. It doesn’t work that way. If you wait for people with money in hand to go looking for those books you have stacked in boxes … well, I hope you like cobwebs.

If you want to sell books or monetize your blog, then you’re in business. Don’t let the B-WORD scare you. It’s easier than you might imagine, especially if you outsource. Let’s get back to the discussion we were having about outsourcing.

First, to be sure we’re in sync: as a writer, you are in business. Outsourcing refers to securing services that would normally be provided in-house from an outside service provider or subcontractor. This allows many self-employed people to remain so without having to hire staff. Big business also outsources for things such as project management or short-term service requirements.

Writers and authors outsource to editors, proof readers, book formatters, graphic designers and others. They also outsource to virtual assistants, who help them with tasks they don’t necessarily have to perform themselves. Christina Littrell-Williams runs one such company, Her company handles my virtual assistance and also that of several of my clients. They provide LEVERAGE for me as a businessperson by saving me time and energy so I can focus on writing.

Now, what’s leverage?

Leverage is anything that makes your job easier. It lighten’s your workload and/or moves you closer to your goals FASTER. The easier your job, the easier it will be to focus on marketing your books. And we all know what happens when you sell books, right?

Unless you’ve grown attached to cobwebs, dust off those antiquated ideas about what it means to be an author or blogger, and put a few bucks in your pocket.

Judith Cassis is a book coach and New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter. She leads writer’s groups, retreats and classes on self-publishing, blogging, and other aspects of 21st-century publishing.

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Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and book coach. She has been leading writers workshops, retreats and events since 1999. Her company, Success Made Simple, provides guidance and resources for writers planning to publish books, blogs and articles.