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Hey Gang~~ Here is a great Double Your Check Call I did where I go over many different things that you can do to make a better blog post. If you would like to have me do a blog review with you, check out the form below.

4 Must haves in every blog post (In my opinion) to maximize exposure!

1. Valuable content: Be relevant and current, here are a few places you can look to inspiration on what to blog about.
a. Google adword key word tool (google it)
b. Reviews (books, blogs, people, products, places, companies, speakers)
c. Top 10 lists (videos, funny jokes, places to eat BBQ, video games for the Xbox)
d. Relevant news stories (use as starting point)
e. Tips/Tools
f. Review events or affiliate products
g. Interview someone (the more famous the better)
h. Point counterpoint
i. Best of….. ie. Bloggers, Social media sites etc…..
j. Give away an award to your favorite speaker, brand, employee etc.
k. Blog about an experience you had and how it relates to your audience

2. Pictures: (Featured Image) some advantages:
Gets listed in google images excellent for SEO
Adds some color and depth to your post
Ties a visual to the better post

3. Lead Capture form (I use Mothernode as my crm)
Need to have a way for people to contact you!This is important so you can really build a relationship with people interested in what you are providing. Not just an email form but one where you can track results since your new better blog post will be seen by more people!

4. Video~~ I love using Google Hangouts but you can add any video you want, it makes the whole post complete.

Some other tips I discuss in the above video to make your blog better!
1. Appeal to all of the senses: Feel, touch, smell, look
2. Give credit to people if you use their stuff! (also helps with SEO)
3. Be as specific as you can
4. Use multi media (see #1-#4 above)
5. Stories! You have herd the saying “Facts tell, stories sell!”
6. Use as many action verbs as you can.
7. Make your creative blog post as fun as possible! People like to smile and be put in a good mood.
8. Repeat your key words often (mine here are “better blog” and “create new blog”)
9. Ask questions. Provide insight
10. Always give a CTA (Call to Action) What do you want the reader to do?
~~ Examples: Fill out the form below, comment below, share on facebook, etc

Some places to promote your new awesome blog post:
Your own blog
Send it to your email list
Social media
Member blogs
Search engines
Give it away as a free report
Submit it to magazines

Here are a few tips to have your audience see your article
1. Leave comments on other blogs with the link to your own blog
2. Give testimonials whenever you can! Make people feel good every chance you can!! The world loves that!
3. Promote others in your posts and send them a link to allow them to promote
4. Repurpose as many different ways as you can: itunes, amazon, ebooks, etc

I hope you got a ton out of this video and article! If you would like a free blog review just fill out the form (Call to action!) and I will contact you!

I did a video here called, “Your Website Sucks, 10 Ways to Fix it!’ Click here to see the post.

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Caren Glasser