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This episode of  the Spark It Network Podcast, is all about branding!

Segment 1 – Valuable information you can use right now to spark your business, creativity and loving your life. Today we are talking about The Importance of branding

Marketing — Branding —- Advertising
Not just a logo – design, color choices, fonts…. ex Target  – you can see TV ads and know it is them before you ever see a logo, smell of their stores,

Bad brand – Nova Ford car – in Spanish means “won’t go” , Osco drug stores = nausea or Disgust in spanish

Check out some of these branding beauties:

Right here and now, how do you start building your brand – Not with logo – Old school – you will have to spend a fortune in advertising to get brand recognition of a new logo! Don’t!
Focus on your look and consistency – great colors, one or two fonts (look at verdana) and solid, design for your websites and documents. Your company name, headlines, taglines should be search engine and customer benefit focused.
Invest in a professionally designed logo ONLY after your business has traction and cash flow and you have a core feeling of customer experience to reflect in the branding and logo.
If you are tempted by fiverr logos and cheap vendors, know that these are often ugly if they’re original and copied from someone else or a template if they look nice.

How did we do it with the Spark It Network? First logo was a screenshot from a opening animation we used for our site instructional videos. 6 months in, we simplified the design and made it clearer and more readable since we were starting to print things, for the Launch of Spark It Network 2.0 we actually made the logo smaller and simpler so it fits up in the top bar by the menu.

 Why? Because when you visit our site it’s about YOU and you can find what you need to know? You will see all the top brands doing this with a small text based logo and a search bar on top of their sites. WHy? Because it delivers the best MOBILE experience.

 Additional news…. April 21 Google will officially ding your site ranking substantially if your site is not mobile responsive and meeting speed criteria. You can get more information on how this is tested at Google webmaster tools.

 Segment 2 –  Updates from our facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Spark It Network Sparklet Branded Channels  

  • Forums
  • opt-ins
  • custom branded to your business
  • Leverage the SEO/Optimization of SparkItNetwork
  • Back-links to your web site if you have one 

Find out what a Sparklet Branded channel can do for you here: https://sparkitnetwork.com/sparklet-branded-group-channel/

Segment 3. Sparking friends of SIN –

Success Made Simple

Success Made Simple


Today we are sparking Judith Cassis -Success Made Simple. http://www.judithcassis.com

Judith Cassis, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and has also worked as a success coach for over two decades. She has authored over 1,000 articles and led seminars and workshops on various personal development topics.

A Master Firewalk Instructor, Judith was certified in 1992 by The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education (F.I.R.E.), and studied directly under Tolly Burkan, founder of the modern firewalking movement.

Check out her branded Sparklet page on SparkItNetwork : https://sparkitnetwork.com/success-made-simple/



 Segment 4 – Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag #MyBrand:  what’s your brand? what brands do you like?

Free marketing checkup: http://profitpowerzones.com/marketing-checkup/
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Find out what a Sparklet Branded channel can do for you here: https://sparkitnetwork.com/sparklet-branded-group-channel/

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