Brain Scripts for Winning New Customers

I just finished reading Drew Eric Whitman’s new book Brain Scripts for Sales Success and I loved it!!

What I love about Whitman’s book is how he delves into consumer psychology and shows how it affects the way you sell your products or services. This easy to read book takes you inside your prospects’ minds and identifies 21 different principles to help you attract new customers. Each one of the principles are laid out one chapter at a time with examples on how to implement in your own business sales.

Some of the brain scripts I especially like are:

1.  The Psychology of Credibility Transfer; How to borrow believability from others to enhance your own.

2.  The Psychology of Social Proof; How to tap into a prospect’s survival mechanism to turn mistrust into sales

3.  The Psychology of Liking; How to make prospects like you and hand you their money

4.  The Psychology of Authority; How to crack the code of credibility.

These, and 17 more Brain Scripts, will definitely change the way you look at sales.  It will show you how to talk with your prospective customers in a way that will almost guarantee you the sale.

This book is a good resource to go back to again and again to help you in one on one selling situations.

Check out the book here:

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