Be a Published Author! Anthologies and Co-Authorships Make Sense

So you want to be a published author, eh? There’s a writer inside and s(he) is GOING NUTS waiting for you to write and publish that book–has been for years!

What are you going to do about it?

The time’s not right
I have no money
I don’t know where to start
It’s really not as hard or time consuming as you think. And there are fiscally sound ways to publish within any budget. Just depends on your goals. I want to tell you about just ONE idea that might work for you. It’s worked for many writers just like you. When I first started, it worked for me.

If you have a short story or a lengthy article, an anthology or collaboration with other authors is a great vehicle for publishing credit. From there writing your own book is doable.
There are three keys to moving forward successfully as a published author. I’ll be talking about each of these keys over the next couple of weeks. Please stay in touch and don’t miss any of them.

Be a Published Author

Judith Cassis

What I am going to share with you works!

I’ve coached several successful authors over the last few years and ghostwritten a number of books and articles. In fact, I’m a New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter.

So? Why am I telling you this? Because I know you can do it. If you’re a writer with a dream, we are no different. Not so long ago I was where you are and I want to support you in having what YOU want.

Below are anthologies and co-authorships I’ve recently published. Make it happen! Please follow my blog for valuable information.

Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and Book Coach. She leads workshops, writers retreats and supports authors in publishing their books. Contact Judith: or private message on Facebook:

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Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and book coach. She has been leading writers workshops, retreats and events since 1999. Her company, Success Made Simple, provides guidance and resources for writers planning to publish books, blogs and articles.