Baby Boomer Women: 3 Ways to Prevent Business Burnout

Baby Boomer Women: 3 Ways to Prevent Business Burnout

On this episode of The Passion Point, Caren talks with Marianne Cherico.  She is a personal and professional development coach who helps Baby Boomer Women all over the world create a life filled with joy, passion and purpose so that they can create their most amazing second half. Marianne is proud to be a member of this generation of women who changed the world for women, presenting future generations with limitless opportunities to thrive and grow into lives that are meaningful and authentic.

It is Marianne’s sincerest pleasure to help women work through limiting and self- sabotaging beliefs and create their business and life by their own unique design so that they step into their own brand of magnificence. 

Baby Boomer WomenMarianne will be doing a program that will address how to help (mature female) entrepreneurs design their business around their life instead of the other way around. So many entrepreneurs get caught up in their business that they forget about things that are important. Time with family, alone time and time to feed the spirit and take care of health. As we get older, time becomes more precious. Too often we are caught up in the hamster wheel of our business and we can’t seem to get off.

Some of the things we talk about:

  • Doing a deeper dive into what you really want in your life is the first step to creating the life and business that you really want
  • How to prioritize your time so that it supports what you want in your life
  • How being aligned with what we truly value is most important
  • What to do when we have competing values
  • Being more proactive and less reactive in your life and business
  • Why working on our business is as important as working in it
  • Ways that women give away their power in life and in business
  • How our time should be protected even more than our money
  • Why it is so important to define and work with ideal clients
  • Why we should focus on doing the activities that we enjoy in our business

You can get a taste of Marianne’s teaching by downloading her free report “3 Ways to Prevent Business Burnout” Here: 3 Ways To Prevent Business Burnout

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