Astronumerology and Personal Growth

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On today’s episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives, Caren and Nancy speak with Jen Duchene [Doo-SHEN’] about Astronumerology and Personal Growth

Jen Duchene

Jen Duchene

Jen helps women step into the freedom to craft their own version of Success – joy-full, soul-full, and on their OWN TERMS. After 30 years as a successful interior designer, speaker and best-selling author, Jen crossed the invisible barrier of self-awareness to step into HER true Success Path. – to work with the sacred “interior space” inside each one of us. Now embracing her lifelong passion and intuitive gifts, Jen offers her clients a rare mastery of both Astronumerology and Akashic Healing. Through this powerful blend of ancient wisdom, Jen helps her clients fast-track the healing to change lifelong patterns that don’t serve. Giving them tools to create an action plan for Success in their business and personal lives, on their terms. Jen offers private readings, consultations, workshops and group events. She hosts a monthly Success Circle call, and is co-host of Gypsy TruthTellers radio on topics related to Astronumerology and personal growth.
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