5FOR5 – Does My Business Really Need a Mobile App?

Today on this 5FOR5 periscope, Caren Glasser asks; “Does My Business Really Need a Mobile App?

If you already have a mobile-friendly website, is an app a necessity? Daniel Cristo says you only need one if you don’t want to fall behind the competition.You are missing the huge potential apps have over websites. Here are 5 tips for going mobile:

Tip 1. Some of the businesses that can use them

Real Estate
     coupons/free drink
     your content
     your info
     your programs
     calling card in addition or instead of your business card

Tip 2. Opt Ins

Subscribe to your list when they download
Create other opt ins for your giveaways

Tip 3. Analytics/demographics

See how many downloads
Where they are coming from. iPhone, Android, countries
See which tabs people have visited on your mobile app

Tip 4. Push messaging

98% open rate.
Content can include:
     Links to Website and other URLs
     Link to a specific tab on your app
     Link to offers you have set up

Tip 5. Giveaways/resources/podcasts

Resources free and paid
Podcasts and webTV shows
Social Media

Go to http//:www.SparkItNetwork.com/App to download the free Spark It Network App
Includes free resources, podcasts, shows, our sparklet channels including The Nancy Ferrari Show and Connecting People, Changing Lives to name a few.
Do you want an app for your business?
Check out http://www.YourMobileAppShop.com to have an app made for you and also get my free eBook Mobile Apps for Cash. Gives you great ideas for creating your own app…….

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