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On today’s episode Kathryn and Caren are talking about Getting Mobilized

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Valuable information you can use right now to spark your business, creativity and loving your life. Today we are talking about Getting Mobilized.

Adult users spend an average of 5.6 hours per day on a digital device – 51% on mobile, 47% on desktop and 2% on game consoles. The trend is for people to not replace desktops , they are switching to tablets and laptops.
At Spark It Network, we released our 2.0 version of the site with a mobile first strategy. This means that instead of designing the site and pages for desktop use, and then dumbing it down for mobile, we started with mobile and tablet user features – larger text, larger buttons, organized in blocks and grids that stack, responsive video an easy to play audio. It is still engaging and attractive on a desktop, but may seem a little more boxy. If you use our mobile device a lot though, you will know that having it laid out this way makes it way easier and more pleasant for you to navigate. No pinching and pulling or straining to see things. We do offer a suite of website builds, all of them are mobile first and built for speed and ease of navigation. You can get more information about this and our website build philosophy of See Think Do.

What’s the difference between a mobile ready site and a mobile app?

A mobile website is similar to any other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and accessed over the Internet (for mobile typically WiFi or 3G or 4G networks). The obvious characteristic that distinguishes a mobile website from a standard website is the fact that it is designed for the smaller handheld display and touch-screen interface.
Like any website, mobile websites can display text content, data, images and video. They can also access mobile-specific features such as click-to-call (to dial a phone number) or location-based mapping.
Mobile Apps are actual applications that are downloaded and installed on your mobile device, rather than being rendered within a browser. Users visit stores like Apple’s App Store or iTunes and the google play store in order to find and download apps for a given operating system. The app may pull content and data from the Internet, in similar fashion to a website, or it may download the content so that it can be accessed without an Internet connection. Features that mobile apps can include (but not necessarily mobile optimized sites can) are Push messaging (98% open rate), geo targeting, analytics, coupons, click to call, etc. Why would these be important of people to have?

  1. Business uses:
    1. Real Estate
    2. Restaurants
      coupons/free drink
    3. Coaches/Speakers
      your content
      your info
      your programs
    4. Entrepreneurs
      calling card in addition or instead of your business card
  2. Opt In
    Subscribe to your list when they download
    Create other opt ins for your giveaways
  3. Analytics/demographics
    See how many downloads
    Where they are coming from. Iphone, Android, countries
    See which tabs people have visited on your site.
  4. Push messaging
    98% open rate.
    Links to Website and other URLs
    Link to a specific tab on your app
    Link to offers you have set up
  5. Giveaways/resources/podcasts
    Resources free and paid
    Podcasts and webTV shows
    Social Media

Segment 2 – Updates from our Facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions – Spark It! App: www.SparkItNetwork.com/app

  • Podcasts
  • Sparklet Branded pages
  • Social Media
  • Resources; eBooks,
  • notifications
  • Gallery
  • messages
  • Giveaways

Segment 3. Sparking our members and friends of Spark It Network- Nancy Ferrari

start your day

Nancy Ferrari

Nancy Ferrari is dedicated and passionate about her professional duality within her career in media and as an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer. Nancy celebrates 5 years of hosting The Nancy Ferrari Show, and is the co-host of Connecting People, Changing Lives, a web tv talk show, both within Spark It Network. The Nancy Ferrari Show is a spirited show sharing what’s real, relatable and relevant in the world and features expert guests who make a positive difference. Nancy is also an inspirational speaker, author, and contributing writer for numerous online publications, sharing her messages of positivity and living an empowered and enlightened life.
Find her on Spark It Network here: http://www.NancyFerrariMedia.com
You can find her on our Spark It App: Download the app here: http://www.SparkItNetwork.com/app


Segment 4

Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in Facebook group, on G+ and twitter
Today’s Hashtag #GetMobilized How are you going mobile with your company/business

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