22 – Digital Assets


On today’s episode Kathryn and Caren are talking about Digital assets and CTA’s

Segment One:

• Importance of digital assets
• Importance of CTA’s
• What makes a great call to action
• Tailoring your CTA to who you are talking to and where it will be placed
• How do we use digital assets and CTA’s

Segment 2 –  Updates from our facebook group, new member resources, special offers and promotions –

Today we are talking about the Spark It University Digital Asset Bootcamp.  Business Owners Who Have A Digital Presence Create More Visibility, Credibility and Authority For Substantially Higher Profits!!

How Can A Digital Asset Create Visibility and Credibility?

When you have Digital Assets completed they can be a list building tool that can increase your profits by adding an immediate additional revenue stream or by creating a long-term sales channel with a strong list of potential purchasers.
When you have a digital asset you can:
·       Get found organically
·       Save you time: Create digital assets that will work for you 24/7?
·       Create ethical bribes to be used on multiple platforms
·       Create once and have an evergreen presence
·       A budget friendly way to create visibility, credibility and authority

Check out the Digital Asset Bootcamp

What Do You Get?
Module 1 ­– Create a Mindmap. What are the ten questions people ask you about your business services or products
Module 2 – Video.  How to record in Google Hangouts. How to launch an event in YouTube. How to create your Studio/room setting with lighting, camera and microphone.
Module 3 – Optimizing YouTube.  Using Call to Actions.  How to share in social media
Session 4: Audio. How to create audios in Audacity and skype. How to get audio from your videos.  Uses for your audio
Module 5: – Transcribe. Options for transcriptions. Create digital white paper and/or eBook for your opt in’s.  How to blog your digital asset.
Module 6: Meme’s and Images. How and where to create custom images.  How to use them in social media

Segment 3. Sparking our members 

RandyPeyserphoto.JPGRandy Peyser 
Book Coach, Connections to Agents & Publishers, Self-Publishing, and Internet Book Marketing
Randy might be for you if you:
• Are working on a book proposal
• Need a media kit, press releases, or book promotion
• Want expert representation in finding a literary agent, publisher, or connections to book store owners, librarians, and media from around the country at Book Expo America, (the largest tradeshow for the publishing industry in the U.S.)

Randy has created a powerful marketing tool to help you place your articles or press release online. The Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory lists 200+ resources where you can place articles online and in print magazines, and gain media exposure. This report is targeted for Business, Women, and Mind/Body/Spirit. If you serve any of these markets and are looking to get in front of lots of eyeballs, you would benefit from this report. Just one of the listings alone on this report sends articles out to a subscriber base of 600,000 members!
Randy Peyser http://www.authoronestop.com/

Segment 4 – Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag #Digital  A link to a digital asset

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