18 – Gaga For Google

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James Schramko should be our guest today to address our merciless questioning of his SEO tactics – particularly tagging, name dropping and more… Don’t miss segment 4!

Today we are talking about Google.. We are Gaga for Google and these are a few of our favorite things we use google for:

  • gmail
  • Calendar
  • Hangouts on Air
  • YouTube
  • Analytics
  • Drive

Segment 2 –

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  1. full resume review, keywords
  2. What do you want people to see when they find you on line

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Segment 3

Today’s friend of Spark It network….

Demetrios Venetis, Six Sigma Master trainer.




Segment 4 –

Creating a social spark – hashtag of the week in facebook group, on GPlus and twitter

Todays Hashtag -#tagwhore nominate someone as the king/queen of the tagwhores 🙂

Inspired by the most shamelessly self ­promoting person we’ve ever seen, legitimized and supported on facebook, she got our attention when she @ tagged James Schramko in one group we’re in, then started post hogging and comment stacking in another and again, tagging James. Then she got an interview weeks after starting her podcast and moved it to Episode One to get the link juice.

Now I am a dedicated Fan of the Schram and this week, I listened to another podcast with James Schramko and Tim Reid called “Freedom Ocean”—In a podcast about SEO and domain names, they started talking about President Obama, Jennifer Aniston and her hot new movie, “Horrible Bosses 2,” the sequel to “Horrible Bosses.”

So we thought, in the interest of science, we’d try doing shameless tag whore of the week—won by Tim Reid and James Schramko for including Jennifer Aniston and “Horrible Bosses.”

That is tag WHORE, not to be confused in this holiday shopping season with “Tag Heuer,” the precision Swiss Watch maker, (Here is how to pronounce Tag Heuer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlaQA1HIapg) which brings us back to the current timeline – we happen to be in full swing 7 crazy nights of Chanukah, which inspired the original tag WHORE—Adam Sandler—who wrote and performed the Chanukah Song and tagged—David Lee Roth, James Caan, Kirk Douglas, Dinah Shore, Paul Newman, Goldie Hawn, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, O.J. Simpson, Rod Carew, Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, 3 Stooges, marijuanikah, Ebenezer Scrooge, Seattle Supersonicahs, Bowser from Sha Na Na and Arthur Fonzerelli

We considered adding even more names from the new version… but no one could be worthy of tag whore sparkiness like Adam Sandler – yes a Jew

This would be known as “keyword stuffing” in google and if you have found and suffered through this podcast looking for celebrity gossip – we promise to never do it again! We’re showing by example what a waste of time and inconvenience link baiting and tag whoring can be… what a mess!

Okay, now that is the very best we could do as busy as we are, in being shameless tag whores ourselves on this podcast. Thank you James Schramko for the inspiration and we’ll see if our listener count spikes for this episode.


Long term, is this our strategy? Nah, we’re moms and we are used to no one listening to us!


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