More Ways To Get More Views For Your YouTube Videos

More Ways To Get More Views For Your YouTube Videos

One other factor that plays a role in where your video will rank in the search results in YouTube and Google is the number of likes and comments your video has received. The more you have, the more ‘important’ your video looks to YouTube and Google. Naturally, if your YouTube videos are good and people like it, they will comment and give it a “thumbs up” without any effort on your part.

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Make your video controversial

If your video is a little controversial, funny, sexy or cute, the chances of them commenting or rating it goes up. To boost the chance of people commenting on your video and liking it is to just simply ask your viewers to do so. You can use a frame at the end of anywhere in your video or add an annotation that says “Like this!” or “Please comment!”

Just like the Bible says, “ask and ye shall receive.” It never hurts to ask.

Make Your YouTube Videos A “Video Response” To A Popular Related Video

This is how you can leverage views/viewers from other videos that are popular and getting a lot of views. To post a video response, you just put your cursor in the comment box of that popular video and click your mouse. On the right of the box you’ll see “Create a video response” appear so click that. Then you’ll be able to choose one of your videos as a video response to the popular video.

This doesn’t always work because some YouTube channel owners manually approve video responses so they might reject yours if they don’t like it. If your video does get approved, a thumbnail and link to your video will appear under the popular video and be seen by all who view it.

Note that you can only use 1 of your videos for 1 video response.  Upload the same video several times with different title, keywords and description, and you can add each one as a video response.

This method can give you a whole lot of free views very quickly if a video you’ve responded to goes viral and gets a lot of views.

One Bonus Tip:

Add this link to your Social Media posts and get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel: (replace CHANNELID with your ID)

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